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The Chamber Bucks Program

Designed to keep dollars local and benefit the community!

Each year, over $70,000 flows through Freeborn County businesses through the Chamber Bucks program and keeps spending local. Using Chamber Bucks ensures that money is spent in the community, benefiting Chamber member businesses and the many contributions they make to our local economy.

Chamber Bucks are similar to gift certificates and can be used to purchase merchandise, products, or services at over 200 merchants and business members of the Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce.


What is a Chamber Buck?
Chamber Bucks can be spent at Albert Lea - Freeborn County Chamber Member business. It works just like a gift certificate.

Where Can I Use Chamber Bucks?
You can redeem Chamber Bucks for products or services from any Chamber Member.

How Do I Use Chamber Bucks?
​You must redeem your Chamber Bucks at one location toward a single purchase of equal or greater value.

Do Chamber Bucks Expire?

Giving Chamber Bucks

Why Buy Chamber Bucks?
Shop Small Business, Shop Local! Chamber Bucks can only be used at local Chamber Member businesses. They make perfect gifts for any occasion; birthday, graduation, thank you, employee rewards and incentives – the possibilities are endless!

Who Buys Chamber Bucks?
Anyone can buy them! Many employers purchase in bulk to hand out to employees for occasions throughout the year.

What denominations can I purchase Chamber Bucks in?
Chamber Bucks are customized in increments of $5, $10 & $25

How Do I Buy Chamber Bucks?
Contact the Chamber Office:
132 North Broadway

Chamber Bucks may be purchased with cash or check. Chamber Members can request an invoice. We do not accept payment by credit card.

Businesses that are not Chamber members may not participate in the Chamber Bucks program.